JUNE 18-24 2017

training the trainer

Preaching Peace Presents:


  • I came with a great need.  I was feeling close to crash and burn.  This multi-faceted Conference has given me tools, along with a sense of who I am in Christ Jesus.  I’m excited about going home.  This Conference takes peacemaking to the core of one’s being.  If you will take the time and come willing to invest yourself and trust the facilitators, then you will be challenged, moved and blessed.  I realize a week-long Conference format is tough for people to commit to but I think it is essential for achieving the Conference’s stated objectives.  Thank you, thank you all!

    Rev. Mary McKinney
  • Wonderfully intense and life giving.  It linked together my early pre-reflective faith, went deeper than the storm of contemporary thought and theology, and produced a ‘state of the art’ faith that is post modern, ancient and timeless.  It was richly challenging and offered hope allowing us see the world as it is and yet not despair, it really helped me.  This Conference is worthy of prime time in the academic and church year.

    Rev. Tom Truby
  • Receive a solid foundation in Biblical interpretation
  • Learn how to find the best natural resources and how to use them
  • Develop exciting skills in Ecospirituality
  • Experience the wholeness of Creator-creation reality
  • Gain a holistic approach to ministry, preaching, teaching, and healing

In all things, be prepared to have your paradigms altered!

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Registration for the June 18-24 Making Peace event in Akron, PA.

Includes 6 nights shared lodging (double room) & all meals.

Check-in is from 2-3PM
Making Peace Training begins @ 3:30 PM

Event Details

Date: June 18, 2017

Start time: 03:30 p.m.

Venue: The Welcoming Place

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